Thursday, April 1, 2010

Accountable Kids

We were constantly nagging our kids to pick up their things, clean their rooms, get dressed, brush their teeth, etc... It was very irritating to be saying the same things over and over again. It was frustrating to have to repeat myself numerous times and nag to get things done. Not anymore!!

We found the Accountable Kids Program We are teaching our kids to be accountable one step at a time. It teaches them empowerment, accountability, failure in a positive light, values, integrity, and morals. Accountable Kids encourages positive behaviors by eliminating negative behaviors. It uses tickets as reminder cards, special date cards, privilege pass, best behavior cards, extra chores for money cards. It allows instant results while also working towards future rewards.

It has already empowered my kids to do more things around the house and has given me the ability to let them. They have learned that they have a place in the family and that there are certain things that they have to do to help the family function. It is working wonders with our kids. They are earning tickets to participate in activities and get special privileges. They have already earned their special date. It is fun to see them get excited and want to do their activities. My son cried the first time that I took a ticket for bad behavior. We highly recommend that everyone with kids use this program. You won't be disappointed!! It helps our kids and us to be more accountable.


  1. Hi, we recently started this program and I'm having a hard time with the tickets. I'm feeling like I don't want to be a ticket taker/tracker. For now we're just requiring all daily chores get done and then they get the sticker on the date card. And I just today added the extra chores component for our oldest son (7) who was ready for it. Any suggestions from what you've learned since you started the program? Have you changed the way it works for your family compared to how they suggest?

    Thanks! Kara

  2. It is hard to keep myself accountable to keep the program running. I was doing really well until summer. We are currently trying to get back into it. We make our kids give us a ticket for anything that they do that doesn't involve church. They give us a ticket for friends b-day parties, soccer practice, soccer games, playdates, attitude, movie time, staying up late, etc. Hope this helps.